Far North Wilderness Bike Tour

What to bring

Here is a list of items you will need to bring.

  • A well-serviced mountain bike with suspension, good gears and chunky/knobbly tyres.
  • Front suspension is essential for this tour. Many riders also prefer rear suspension although this is not essential. The majority of roads are dirt, there are long corrugated sections, sandy sections, pebbly surfaces and rocky wash outs.
  • A helmet in good condition
  • 2 water bottles or a hydration backpack that can carry at least two litres of water.  Water bottle brackets fitted to your bike.
  • Your own supply of electrolyte supplements
  • A bike lock to be carried in your daypack for when you want to go and explore on foot!
  • A bike computer if you have one
  • A mobile phone and charger
  • Bike items in your luggage should include a small bike pump, a basic repair kit and multi-tool, 2 tubes, patches and glue, some spare spokes, a spare derailleur hanger and a bike lighttent
  • A small backpack for carrying lunch on certain days
  • A rear view mirror is also highly recommended
  • A small tent, small blow up mattress or sleeping mat, and a warm sleeping bag. (Space is limited so no swags or large bedrolls please – think hiking size equipment)
  • Good-quality clothing for on- and off-road. Remember, nights can be cold, days can be hot, and rain is possible. Lightweight long sleeve outdoor shirts are recommended for riding in the sun and a rain jacket on hand in case of showerscutlery
  • A plastic plate, mug and bowl and cutlery (preferably in an identifiable bag)
  • Toiletries, towels, sunscreen, lip cream, something to protect your neck, sunglasses and personal medical kit
  • A good torch in working order and with spare batterieshead torch
  • A small camping stool (the small scissor-type with canvas on top won’t take up much room)
  • Swimmers and towel
  • Enough cash on tour for evening drinks and any additional outlays. Credit cards and individual spending tabs cannot be accepted
  • To help keep COVID safe bring your own masks and sanitation products such as hand wash, sanitisers and wipes (compostable preferred)