Maps & Elevations

Below are the maps and elevations of the 2017 ride to give you an idea of the terrain covered. Please check back for maps of the 2019 ride or sign up for our newsletter for notifications here. Behind the scenes, the hard working crew are currently fine tuning the 2019 route which will start south of Cairns at the beautiful Murray Falls and finish 8 days later after winding through the stunning Barron Gorge back down to Cairns. For return riders this will include the popular Savannahlander train from Mareeba to Cairns on the last day. The 2019 route is being finalised but will be very similar to the 2018 route described on the ‘Route in Detail’ page. You can also watch an animation of the 2018 route to get an idea of the landscapes you’ll be riding through.

2017 route details for historical reference:

This link shows you the interactive route map of 2017 in Google Maps:

This link takes you to a folder where you can download the route of 2017 KML and GPX files for each day of the ride: