Maps & Elevations

The 2019 route including elevations and ride distances is described on the ‘Route in Detail’ page. Summarized below: 

Day 1: Tropical coastal plains and crisp waterfalls.
Distance: 35km
Elevation: Zero
Riding description: easy

Day 2: Winding rainforest ranges and breathtaking views
Distance: 68km
Elevation: Zero – 600m
Riding Description: hard, up hill in morning followed by sharp up/down undulations for rest of day, could be on bike 7 hours+ if slow. All dirt maintained road (elevation zero to 600 metres)

Day 3: Transect between heritage rainforest and dry eucalypts
Distance: 70km
Elevation: 600 to 700 lunch, back to 600 metres
Riding Description: hard to very hard, could be on bike 7 hours+ if slow. All dirt remote non-maintained road, rough/technical in parts. Undulations.  Ferrying possible for last 20km

Day 4:  Option day for local riding, sore muscles and sunset beers  
Distance: Zero

Day 5: Highland rainforest and luscious falls
Distance: 65 km
Elevation: 600 to 700 lunch to 900 metres
Riding Description: 1/2 dirt,  hard to lunch on non-maintained road, moderate in afternoon on sealed road but slowly climbing all afternoon. Could be on bike 6+ hours if slow.

Day 6: Rolling hills and traversing plateaus
Distance: 95km
Elevation: 900 to 700 metres
Riding Description: moderate, some parts easy. Overall drop in elevation. 2/3 sealed road. Could be on bike 7 hours if slow. Closer to towns and possible traffic.

Day 7:  Option day for world class mountain bike trails

Day 8:  Short ride, spectacular train and champagne
Distance: 40km
Elevation: 700 to 400 lunch to zero
Riding Description: easy, 1/2 sealed. Overall drop in elevation.   

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Below are the maps and elevations of the 2017 ride to give you an idea of the terrain covered.

2017 route details for historical reference:

This link shows you the interactive route map of 2017 in Google Maps:

This link takes you to a folder where you can download the route of 2017 KML and GPX files for each day of the ride: