Far North Wilderness Bike Tour

Preparation & Training

The Far North Wilderness Bike Tour is not always easy, but with some preparation and proper equipment set-up, this tour can cater for a range of fitness levels.  Your equipment doesn’t need to be high end, but it should be well maintained and adjusted for your body.

Things to consider when preparing for the ride:

  • Your cycling fitness – Are you “bike hardened”?
  • Your cycle skills
  • Your equipment condition

Training Tips:

  • Start training at least three months prior to the start of this tour to gain some aerobic capacity and become “bike hardened” so you can ride for up to six hours each day
  • Your training should include rides of varying distances, which should build up to the longest ride closer to the event
  • Try to ride two – three times per week
  • Definitely include some hill work
  • Check out this article on riding in sand: “Sand Surfin” by John Hardwick from Mountain Biking Australia (2016)